Why My Email List Is Great For Sales

I run a small online business and I rely on email to get the word out about my sales and specials. Using my email list is a free way to advertise and I think it works just as well as paid advertising. The key is making sure that you keep expanding your email list. You want to be continually adding new names to it.

Group Marketer Review – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnpT4ice6Lg

I do this in a few ways. I have a contact form on my website and any time someone uses it I automatically get their email. I also offer discount coupons in exchange for a potential customer’s email address. All they have to do is leave their email address on my site and they get a coupon for 15 percent off their order. Get more email marketing tips here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/katelee/2012/10/15/15-email-marketing-tips-for-small-businesses/

It seems like the longer my email list gets, the more sales I get, so I know that something must be working with my email list. I don’t think my site would be as lucrative if I didn’t use my email list as much as I do. If you are starting a business, you definitely want to pay attention to your email list and make sure it keeps getting bigger.