Minimize Shopping Cart Abandonment Using These Tactics

You drive the targeted traffic to your site, they stick around and browse, and they even add items to their shopping carts. But when it comes to conversion rates after shopping carts have products already in them, it seems so difficult to close the deal. Customers absolutely love to go right up to the last step when shopping online without following through.

Fortunately, there are ways you can decrease the chances of customers abandoning their shopping carts. One very important step is to have all payment options clearly visible. Customers won’t always know every payment option you accept, and say for instance you accept Paypal Credit. This might convince a customer to click and buy with a new Paypal credit account.

Another thing you can do is to prevent customers from having to register in order to make a purchase. This irritates customers at times, and even if they’re fine with it, not having to register motivates customers to go ahead and follow through with the purchase. So be sure to read the following article to learn even more strategies:

Shipping options are also something you want to be up front about. Are you able to offer free shipping? This can help close the deal, but just having them clearly listed will help customers make a decision without abandoning ship.


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